Why Oracle account getting locked automatically

 Why Oracle account gets locked automatically?

A user profile will be assigned to every Oracle user accounts. The settings in the profile will make the user get locked and unlocked automatically.

In Oracle 11g, the default settings of the profiles are as given below,

1. 10 failed login attempts will lock the account for 0ne day, and it will get unlocked automatically.
2. You have to change the password of the user in every 180 days, and your account will get locked if you after 7 days from the first login  after 180 days.

To change password of a user ali to alimajaf  and unlock the user you can execute the following command

SQL> alter user ali identified by alimajaf account unlock;

if you want to change the default behavior of password expiration after 180 days you can change the default profile as

SQL>alter profile default limit PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME unlimited;

If the user is having any profile other that default you have to check for the profile of the user from the data dictionary view, dba_users and then you can change the profile.  

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