How to start Oracle database

How to start Oracle database?

Caution: this note is not for DBAs or database experts.

Starting Oracle database in Windows
Let us assume all required environment variables are set. All these variables will be set at the time of installation itself. Ans also assume that no advanced securities.

1. Type services.msc in run prompt
2. Check for the service OracleService<YourDbName> if it is started.
3. Start the service if it is not started. It will start the db as well.
4. If the service is already started, and db is not working, then
  Go to run and type cmd and in the prompt
        \>set ORACLE_SID=yourdbname
        \>sqlplus / as sysdba
 now you will get the SQL prompt. In the SQL prompt,
      SQL> startup
 it will start the database, you can check if the database is started by executing the command,
     SQL>select status from v$instance;
 The output should be OPEN.
 STARTED is not enough to work in the database.

Starting Oracle database in Linux
Here also we assume every thing is set to basic, all environment variables are already set.

1. Open the shell
2. Make sure that you are the administrative user of oracle
3. run the command $export ORACLE_SID=urdbname
4. then $sqlplus / as sysdba
 now you will get the SQL prompt, now you can startup the database using startup command. and you can check the status by selecting from v$instance also.

If you find any problem in starting your database with this notes contact a DBA :).
Read oracle documentation here:

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