ORA-600 [kkqjpdpvpd: No join pred found.]

ORA-00600:  [kkqjpdpvpd: No join pred found.] is an internal error. There are known issues which causes this error.
You may have to raise an SR after looking in to the error look up tool described in 
ORA-600/ORA-7445 Error Look-up Tool *[ID 153788.1]*

Before going to submit the details to support we can go through the known issues related to this.

According to the Doc ID 1200518.1 : ORA-600 [kkqjpdpvpd: No join pred found.] there are five known bugs.
They are numbered as 16601689, 13501787, 10288630, 9240305 and 9031353
According to the notes the error can be from any of the following.
1. From SET query with GROUP BY using multi-level push down.
2. From A query with internal union all views may fail with internal error [kkqjpdpvpd: no join pred found.]
3. From optimizing a query with a full outer join which undergoes join predicate push down (JPPD).
Ref: https://blogs.oracle.com/optimizer/entry/basics_of_join_predicate_pushdown_in_oracle
4. From  join predicate pushdown for a query that has a view in side a view.
5. When attempting join predicate pushdown (JPPD) if the SQL contains a UNION ALL view and each branch contains at least two tables.
Also there are workaround for all these bugs. Go through the Support documents to know better on the topic.

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