SQL*Net break/reset to client

SQL*net break/Reset client wait occurs when exceptions are left unhandled, I have prepared a demo of this.

1.       Created a table “test”  in scott schema with one column and made it primary key. Inserted one row value “duplicate” in it.

2.       There is no waits of this kind in scott session:

3.       Inserted a duplicate row with exception handled

4.       Still no waits

5.       Inserted a row without handling the exception

6.       Now wait comes (I have no idea why two)

7.       Let’s drop a table which is not exist and no exception handling

8.       Waits increased by two

9.       What about an handled exception once more?

10.   No problems, waits are still 4

So, These exceptions are to be handled properly in the database itself (using pl/sql) to avoid this wait events. Handling inside programs(java) will not solve this events. If insets or updates make problems, one suggestion we can give the application developers is to use merge statement

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